diana morales G

is an artist from Mexico City. I was connected to her through a friend at totemic17, an artist collective focusing on contemporary woodcut printmaking.

Diana’s work features architectural forms, the matrix she creates is modern and personal; I am interested in the artist behind the lines. The lines themselves are confident and loose, an honest representation of urban space. The tool lifts from wood, allowing a pause, the construction of real space.

We may be looking at the same time, the graphic render of our repetitive environment is appealing to me. I am looking at her addition of curve into a grid, something I have yet to practice.

I wonder of the differences in city, she is drawing in Mexico City, I am drawing in New York. How do I allow pause in the narrow forms of New York? Or, more importantly, where is there pause in New York? Perhaps it is a matter of time/of day

…Back to the studio, will find some wood…

Images are copy and pasted from the artist's facebook, 2016


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