I found the seaweed on the beach. I don’t know what species it is, but I wouldn’t eat it. I arranged the flat pieces in the sand and then packed a few into a shell and headed for the house. I hosed off one piece to see how it crinkled dry and left the others wrapped in plastic. when I brought them back to the studio they had started to smell.

using water based Acua ink, I roll two areas of color on a sheet of plexi. narrow, rectangular plate with blue at one end and beige, sand color at the other. then I crinkle wet, salty weeds and rub green ink in them. they go on the middle of the plate. I adjust the press and run the plate through with Fabrino paper on top. the press squeezes the plate to the paper, some of the seaweed extends out of the plate mark.

after pulling one print, I continue to apply water-based color to the plate using rollers. the color begins to layer, areas where seaweed pieces were removed in the process of printing show the colors from previous runs.

the second image is lighter than the first and shows ghosts of the seaweed. small holes and ripples in the surface of the seaweed have shown up on the paper.

I initially considered the plate a representation of the horizon at long beach, but the third plate I use more seaweed and extend the middle green into the blue and beige areas, breaking the image of a horizon.

on the final print, I ink black over seaweed then spend a while removing the small bits of ripped seaweed using my tweezers. pulling a large piece of seaweed off the plate leaves the texture and shape of the seaweed. underneath is blue.

Monoprints made at the Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop, JUNE 2016, c. Anne McRay



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