artist in focus

What themes or subjects are you currently addressing in your work?

I am currently addressing narrow environment; exploring vertical space. A print is a subjective response to my experience of perpendicular architecture, to movement within upright bounds.

What materials do you work with?
I work with paper, ink, and copper plate. I am a printmaker. I use acid (ferric chloride) to alter the surface of the copper plate. I use grounds to control what areas of the plate are exposed to ferric. I draw line into hard ground using a steel needle. The plate is etched for a longer duration to achieve more density in the line. Rosin is used to create areas of tone. I prefer charbonnel inks, the grain is smaller. I usually print in black and blue ink, but I may add areas of color using rice paper glued to the printmaking sheet. This process is called chine collé, the glue is made from methyl cellulose. I do also take 35 mm film photographs and use objects from the negatives.
What is challenging your practice right now?
I hope to find technical innovation within the precise Intaglio methods. I am challenged to transmit emotion to an audience. I am challenged to maintain clarity; to decide. I am challenged to create rich blacks, I have not yet mastered aquatint. Seeing in tonal qualities will provide me more power to create spacial complexity.

What artist or work of art do you find yourself returning to and why?


I return to the work of Elena Damiani for her architectural foundations, application of politics, and limpid writing. I remember a picture in focus, a plane with objectivity.
Your peers ask: Who is your favorite rapper?
I am my favorite rapper.

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