Power sanding panels with Marjorie Welish

Marjorie Welish hired me to sand 12 wood panels down from old paintings to new slabs she intends to paint on. Her work is concerned with a search for post-modern primary colors ; “what would be a post modern blue,’ she asks while we work together on the wood panels. The paintings I am sanding away are covered with black and white grids and areas of red, yellow, and blue paint. They are reminiscent of Mondrian’s color fields, interesting because of her use of shades; she has included two shades of red in one painting :


I had an opportunity to briefly explain my practice to the artist, who quickly engaged me in conversation regarding the attentiveness of line. She referenced Hercules Seghers, who’s show of etchings just came down at the Metropolitan. “That man can think,” she says. ‘He is attentive to each line.’ I nod and tell her that “I find my attention comes and goes, I have areas drawn with a lot of focus and others where my mind wanders. I wonder, now, if that is a response to content.’
“Your mind must hold the whole form as it makes a series of decisions regarding line and point. It is worthwhile to engage in the meaning of those decisions, we have ways of doing that.”

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