Re: The price of art/work

I assist classes at the printshop in Manhattan. My duties include gathering class materials, answering technical questions, and cleaning up after the class has finished. Tonight, after completing my tasks adequately for a Japanese Woodblock class, I settled myself in a corner and continued working on my own print which utilized the techniques taught in the workshop.

As I was working, a student came to my corner and interrupted my drawing into soft ground to ask if I was paid to assist the instructor today. I put down my number whatever pencil, took out my headphones and spun in my stool to look at her.

“No, I am not paid cash.” I said.

“Oh, How Come You Get So Much Time To Work?” she asked.

I assume she was bothered by my working on my own artwork, so I ignored her intrusion and politely informed her that “Class ended at 4:30, you are here because of the generosity of your instructor.” It was about 5.

“You don’t work very hard,” she replied.


I’m blasting 50 Cent and printing an image made from ONE drawing and ONE tracing with TWO (2) wood carvings printed Five (5) times on rice paper(S) with ONE copper-plate etching prepared ONCE with soft ground on A hot plate and traced AGAIN with a number (2) pencil, yes, and etched for ONE hour while I eat with bout 2 food stamps. Remind me to buy you some envelopes for the paycheck you are not sending me MISTER OLD LADY.

That’s about 68 works hards.


One thought on “Re: The price of art/work

  1. Hi Anne. Met you Thursday at Kathy’s studio, we exchanged cards. I rarely enjoy blogs but I like yours, the mixture of words and images, interesting ones, honest ones. I will look more later.

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