Dear Tech Employee Making 6 Figures and Still Finding It Necessary to Steal Artwork:

I understand that your 9 to 6pm guarantee of making more money than you’re realistically worth given the extreme economic disparity in this country has you feeling impervious to the same moral system that governs most of us,


Allow me to remind you of the general code of ethics which has existed since the early centuries of patronage. Art-WORK requires time, train fare, and intelligence. It is impossible to support such intelligence and effort if we are not paid for our products and skills. Considering your relative cluelessness to the creative process,


I assume you imagine that I simply sit down with a quill pen and a fireplace by my side and begin constructing drawings on the hide of dead lambs from last summer. These constructions of mine are simple, the discomfort of a cramped hand is easily soothed by the touch of a woman with her arms draped across my leather chair or by the clink of ice cubes under a splash of desert liquor after dinner.


Allow me to break down your imagined perception of my luxurious lifestyle and perhaps ignite some interest in the content of my work, process of printmaking, and financial stability.


One such luxury of the Artist is the 49 minute train ride which brings me from the block I am assumed to be gentrifying (I am Not, by the way, responsible for or participating in the development of condos, coffee shops, and lofts in Bushwick) to the Printshop, which is populated by a number of artists who, like me, come to the studio because they enjoy the process of printmaking.


Now, allow me to be subjective of my practice and say that I do not ENJOY printmaking as a hobby I partake in after my bills are paid by some other means. Printmaking is a medium far too particular and calculated to be considered ‘enjoyable.’ The production of an edition may take between a week to a number of years, given the decisions, preference, and facility of the machinery and equipment which is necessary to the form. I expect to be paid.


Your stealing an artwork from me to begin with is incorrigible. I understand a lack of care for objects as a result of the commodification of culture, yes. A PRINT, however, is not a machine made chapstick for you to five-finger discount at your whim and will. The artist’s arms and mind have made it, and made it, and made it again.


The price of the piece you are interested in stealing costs $100. It costs $100 because I price my work. ← (THATS A PERIOD).


Thank you for your attention to this matter.



Anne McRay

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