Conversations Pt. 1

My first question for you is why in the hell are you making songs about the projects?

I’m sorry pardon me I believe you mean photographs. 

You are a rapper, yes?

I’m making photographs of project buildings. My working with geometric square and cube shaped geometry has been consistent. I am entertaining the thought that I am imposing a spot into the structure which may open room for political consideration. What do you think?

What Do You Mean, collaboration?

Yes, I am speaking of something that may be possible for you. If you consider a culture to have a shape you must wonder of your own. Imagine two shapes, where are it’s points.

What happens when a culture imposes a geometry on another?

Yes, that is a good question . One I will consider in the context of public housing in New York City. I suppose the most obvious answer is discomfort . Another person should answer this as well .

Discomfort meaning the opposite of comfort, or lack of?

Both , a am thinking of medical , social , violent situations . Can one attribute those solely to displacement of natural form ?


Ok , so we follow . The question is now how to prove the premise in visual language .  I consider my photographs to be documentation .

Of what , exactly ? 

Hip hop . 

Do you see anything problematic about the way you work ?

It is a risk to transfer something meaningful into another structure , I understand this . I aim for reciprocity , for valuable exchange . 

And you profit off this exchange .

The money is existing , it is a matter of who’s hands it is in . I am to support myself ; is there a limit to my need for economic growth ? There are more specific  aspects of political inequality to discuss . I may make a place for myself as a translator . 

Then can we talk about your use of black. 

Yes .

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