3 White Teeth

released August 21, 2020
3 poems performed by Annie R U OK
music produced & mixed by Chris Carr

Photograph by Chris Carr 2019


I’m sick of dinner with Linda! The tables play tricks and the cloth isn’t free; it comes at the cost of reality remaining discreetly problematic. I pay in smiles covered with honey, Honey. I’m tired of these highs, these white teeth politely asking you to “Please pass the salt,” So I reach across the table, and tell my aunt to “Fuck off!”

After the guest left she got somber, She says “Annie, Dear,” “There is a way to remain graceful while requesting a little flavor for your meal.” What she means is “Annie You Feel Too Real” What she means is we can’t lose our place. We can’t tarnish this polished plate — wait. What she means is Mad, Broke, poor people ain’t shit unless they sit right, I left. I told her this home is as bones as breathing. but Don’t feed bullshit to a Bees nest beating. If she was home, she’d be eating at a cherry table positioned under a tree, She’d be using silver spoons to slowly poke perspective into a stove But I’m busy here reading the New Jim Crowe and I don’t believe shit she told me.

My skin is white, and my heart is dark, as a place which sees light through two pinholes, who forgive you, I will continue to make honey read and retain information, give a nation this day but not the bread, I’ll still spread, and pay for some pussy with sex, (Pause) When a cop stops a black man six times on Belle Isle while he’s trying to bike. “Your privilege is pretty, white girl, but it isn’t live, its sweet. And I told you, I don’t eat, watch me sting.” Six times ? I want life, in his shoes, and mine, I want that one time for the one time a cop stopped me. He asked me “Why?”

I said “White people don’t commit crimes!” He asked me “Why.” “Because, the war on drugs is a translated form of a historic subordination of a racial minority.” He asked me why ? They make bones by you being in prison, listen. theres some weed in my bike. Fuck what my life is like, it isn’t free. They try to sell me coffee I’ll probably dunk it in some black tea, D up with my loose knees and stop drinking Pop for me, Come hit this, I’m in it. These bones are as home as breathing but don’t feed bullshit to a white bitch beating.

Hip-hop: you something like an alarm clock I keep on all night, it makes my heart tick/tock. Excruciating thing, I pick and choose to do it so “Good job dude” knows no use for this fairness; If you have my tiara, please let me wear it!

Like a blind-ass-bat-shit-on-my-head-crazy. OK Gotcha over diamonds, your head swirled like ice cream. Seems I’m to engage it? He wants me, says “Be mine,” Boom-pow! Engagement!

I had to work hard to get here, too. You thinkin’ two thousand two worth looking at with a thermometer and a microscope? Oh, you do!? Earth’s/hot, Ice/hot, Fire sign, Waste line. If you waist mine? Down to my hips, hop thought he down too.

I told him I’m up one, son. Keep sonnin’ em. ‘Cause if the sums is lower in the slums, you really mean something to someone if you know what One Love is –

But Wet one love? Them jaws is foul, them birds not owls, them women not bitches. In most cases, most bird cages have bad brains and juju, but this not the type from horror movies (he adores me) Watch him adore me, with oceans of moist towellets: this one says “Keep It Clean, Kids, Have Sex!”

Fuck, Rate it PG – My bad. My heteronormative bad. My fan, my feeling why you stay inside ceilings… so to seem positive, I’m never feeling bad. Sat and read over what I had, like a grasp on the season for it. The way you come and go and ignore it, Then you gotta go and grab your bag about it, I mean, it will repeatedly be the fact that I said “No,” but wasn’t mean about it. So you feel I didn’t mean it? I’m about it now ? I’m feeling my options like Wow !

Voicing my male call like dolphins, Save us ! (from this glass cage you also gave us)

The sky watches me walk aroun
d West 4th on a beating – addition girl Who curls her hair around a – penciling in a calendar to See Earl, and Wake up Lee.

The sky exists, and I am most of its White, Round ness – A small dot called Hip-Hop left a message after the beat She massages me, metaphorically speaking, Hip-hop was to a woman What a Toothbrush was to feet !

“Could you please turn down the AC ?” And keep it real, hot! the function of Hip-hop was history, So she turned up the block and shot him and put on his feet.

Instantly the corner store started ignoring her and the belly was in the mind trying to chop women into Fine, dining – and would she please, leave ? When I’m “fine, dining, Walkin’ to the spot where the shoe fits Snug

wants to Fuck a Bitch. met her on the corner, grabbed her two hands and a core : the Apple thrown out Metaphor – skipped a stone out to see Eve … eventually, She has a name before a place, holder, holding plates. Mama didn’t like my spunk, Mama said Hip-hop isn’t Orange !

…Soda Though. After he fucks her he rubs her gums with his penis, she Bleeds, enough for the block, so she turns up the block and shot him, two times, walks uptown the music turned down, the ice crush underneath Timbs, these Jims given to me, Eve, real pretty in the boots, misses teeth like she Don’t Miss MF Doom.

The next guy tried to step, she used the gun of the first and shot me. Then put it back in her throat. The gun is too cold. “Rather eat a dick for dinner,” hit up the next mattress, had sex to sleep and dreams, this evening Hip Hop left messages after the beat.