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Conversations Pt. 1

My first question for you is why in the hell are you making songs about the projects? I’m sorry pardon me I believe you mean photographs.  You are a rapper, yes? I’m making photographs of project buildings. My working with geometric square and cube shaped geometry has been consistent. I am entertaining the thought that I am imposing a spot into the structure which may open room for political consideration. What do you think? What Do You Mean, collaboration? Yes, I am speaking of something that may be possible for you. If you consider a culture to have a shape you must wonder of your own. Imagine two shapes, where are it’s points. What happens when a culture imposes a geometry on another? Yes, that is a good question . One I will consider in the context of public housing in New York City. I suppose the most obvious answer is discomfort . Another person should answer this as well . Discomfort meaning the opposite of comfort, or lack of? Both , a am thinking …

I have been printing a grid

frustrated by my cute nose and loose wrists, I have disappeared from Detroit and have been in the print studio among steel plates, ink canisters clanking on glass and white kids making ‘grotesque’ images of skin-cracked babies. Chris is here in critique nodding, and a man made a print by casting the iching on his iphone and placed stones in a grid filling a 12×20 woodblock. the image was quite successful and i believe he may have struck upon a process of making which removes the self enough to facilitate a pure emergence of (the) form. It is a print, this piece of paper with ink. 2015