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I know who Devraj is

He works on lithographs across from the monitor desk at the Bob Blackburn printshop. Devraj hunches a bit, as many master printers tend to. I watch him pull prints from stones with two hands and arms which would wobble on another man his age. I sit here on Wednesdays, checking people in and glaring at them when they steal my pens. Mostly my job consists of fetching newsprint and politely informing the shop guests that we do not have any chargers available for your iPhone 6000. The other day he asked me for a dozen sheets of newsprint, I gave him one. He held up two fingers, signaling he wanted 11 more. I thought he meant he wanted two total, and I brought him one more. He laughed and shook his head and said one dozen. Frustrated with myself I fetched him 10 more sheets and sank back into my best-guessed desk. Devraj took an interest in my work. He saw two of my largest prints last week, I intentionally left them against the wall …

I have been printing a grid

frustrated by my cute nose and loose wrists, I have disappeared from Detroit and have been in the print studio among steel plates, ink canisters clanking on glass and white kids making ‘grotesque’ images of skin-cracked babies. Chris is here in critique nodding, and a man made a print by casting the iching on his iphone and placed stones in a grid filling a 12×20 woodblock. the image was quite successful and i believe he may have struck upon a process of making which removes the self enough to facilitate a pure emergence of (the) form. It is a print, this piece of paper with ink. 2015