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cyanotype test

I made a cyanotype at the Lower East Side Printshop today. We mixed cyanotype solution part A with part B using a graduated cylinder, careful to fill the cylinder to the 50 mL mark. The curve of the liquid in a cylinder is called the meniscus, Romona and I remembered together. After mixing the chemical we applied it to paper using spongy brushes and covered it with plastic trash bags to prevent UV exposure. Once the paper dried we put it behind plastic films (not mylar, but another similar material) and hermetically sealed the glass plated emulsion tank. We exposed the screen using a UV bulb and measurement unit. We began at 600 lumens, and then taped rubylith to block the UV light from entering one of the test strips, creating consecutive exposure tests for 600, 700, and 800 lumens. The rubylith functions in a similar way to a piece of cardboard covering photo-sensitive paper does while making a test strip in a photography darkroom.     After removing the cyanotype and washing the exposed …

I have been printing a grid

frustrated by my cute nose and loose wrists, I have disappeared from Detroit and have been in the print studio among steel plates, ink canisters clanking on glass and white kids making ‘grotesque’ images of skin-cracked babies. Chris is here in critique nodding, and a man made a print by casting the iching on his iphone and placed stones in a grid filling a 12×20 woodblock. the image was quite successful and i believe he may have struck upon a process of making which removes the self enough to facilitate a pure emergence of (the) form. It is a print, this piece of paper with ink. 2015