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Re: The price of art/work

I assist classes at the printshop in Manhattan. My duties include gathering class materials, answering technical questions, and cleaning up after the class has finished. Tonight, after completing my tasks adequately for a Japanese Woodblock class, I settled myself in a corner and continued working on my own print which utilized the techniques taught in the workshop. As I was working, a student came to my corner and interrupted my drawing into soft ground to ask if I was paid to assist the instructor today. I put down my number whatever pencil, took out my headphones and spun in my stool to look at her. “No, I am not paid cash.” I said. “Oh, How Come You Get So Much Time To Work?” she asked. I assume she was bothered by my working on my own artwork, so I ignored her intrusion and politely informed her that “Class ended at 4:30, you are here because of the generosity of your instructor.” It was about 5. “You don’t work very hard,” she replied. SO I SAID LISTEN …

can i show you something

met with ambie abano after seeing a video of her printmaking. she works wth large wood blocks and carves bodies into the blocks. the blocks are printed on paper using a spoon, and some are printed on cloth. her work is displayed in the philippines, where she is from, and she says in the video her work is about confronting death. i showed her the image transfers i made on saturday night, this time working with a cutout of the shoecrab. the images are small versions of what will later be large prints. the shape of the crab on its side is printed on fine japanese paper, i believe leftover kozoshi from the image transfer class with golnar adili. ambie didn’t ask what the shapes were, but she suggested pronto plate lithography after i explained the image transfer process. she explained the sponging method to me, which i recognized from college, and suggested litho paper. I’m not sure what litho paper is… ‘do you like pattern,” she asked me after seeing my experiments. yes, i …


I just grained my first litho stone. It’s Thursday, December 1, raining tonight in New York. I’m at the Robert Blackburn Printshop on 39th and 8th avenue. We’re in the Garment district, surrounded by fabric shops. A group of four women are finishing a chine collé class with Nandini Chirimar. justin says these stones were Bob’s. This one is about 200 pounds. I sprinkle 80 grain on the rock. The color of the grain is metallic, like brass jewelry and small like the inside of hourglass. You sprinkle it onto the limestone and rotate the alligator across rok with a lot of force until the spinning disk grinds away The Image from Before. I worked it until 9 and then some. Made sure the surface was level and left a note. Signed it Anne