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Dear Tech Employee Making 6 Figures and Still Finding It Necessary to Steal Artwork:

I understand that your 9 to 6pm guarantee of making more money than you’re realistically worth given the extreme economic disparity in this country has you feeling impervious to the same moral system that governs most of us,   Allow me to remind you of the general code of ethics which has existed since the early centuries of patronage. Art-WORK requires time, train fare, and intelligence. It is impossible to support such intelligence and effort if we are not paid for our products and skills. Considering your relative cluelessness to the creative process,   I assume you imagine that I simply sit down with a quill pen and a fireplace by my side and begin constructing drawings on the hide of dead lambs from last summer. These constructions of mine are simple, the discomfort of a cramped hand is easily soothed by the touch of a woman with her arms draped across my leather chair or by the clink of ice cubes under a splash of desert liquor after dinner.   Allow me to break …

I have been printing a grid

frustrated by my cute nose and loose wrists, I have disappeared from Detroit and have been in the print studio among steel plates, ink canisters clanking on glass and white kids making ‘grotesque’ images of skin-cracked babies. Chris is here in critique nodding, and a man made a print by casting the iching on his iphone and placed stones in a grid filling a 12×20 woodblock. the image was quite successful and i believe he may have struck upon a process of making which removes the self enough to facilitate a pure emergence of (the) form. It is a print, this piece of paper with ink. 2015